Career Advice

19 April, 2022

Can You Get Blacklisted From Employment?

Have you been having trouble finding a job after separating from an employer? If so, you might wonder if you've experienced blacklisting or bad luck. Here's why it's probably not blacklisting:

It's Rare To Do a Multi-Employer Blacklisting

The chances are slim that your employer's entire organization launched a campaign to stop you from gaining future employment. They might blacklist you from ever working at a company they own, but it's not likely they'll tell several other companies not to hire you. However, it could happen if you use them as a reference every time you apply for a job. Thus, you may want to try removing their name from your reference list if you see a pattern. You may be right about the blacklisting if you get a job quickly after that.

Employers Don't Want Lawsuits

Businesses usually go out of their way to prevent potential lawsuits. While it's not unlawful for them to give an honest negative reference, many employers avoid it and choose only to discuss start and end dates. That way, former employees don't hire lawyers and charge them with defamation. They rarely want to risk it, even if the negative information is true.

Not All Prospective Employers Call References

Your prospective employers may not have called your former workplace for a reference. You can collect additional information by contacting the jobs that turned you down. They may give you some insight into why they didn't select you and if it concerns a bad reference.

A business would have to spend a lot of time getting involved in informational breaches to blacklist you from future employment at all other establishments. Hence, the probability is low. However, you can contact an attorney with your evidence to find out if he or she suspects blacklisting. You'll know whether you have a case after the consultation.