Career Advice

7 September, 2022

How To Explain a Short Job on Your Resume

You might have to list a short job experience of 30 days or less on your resume for relevancy. However, a prospective employer will most likely ask you to explain your separation if they invite you for an interview. These are three ways you can handle yourself if that happens:

Explain It As a Temporary Position

All jobs are temporary, but an "at will" job is the epitome of non permanent. As a worker, you never know when such a job will disappear. Thus, you can keep it short and explain to the prospective employer that your temporary assignment has ended.

Elaborate on Your Resignation

You can find an eloquent way to explain why you resigned from your previous position in such a short period if that's what happened. For instance, you can let them know you left for personal reasons or the job didn't align with your career goals. Avoid speaking about the employer negatively while you explain, as the prospective employer will need to know you aren't resentful or problematic.

Explain That You Weren't the Right Fit

You may have been terminated from your previous employer, but you don't have to explain the separation negatively. You can tell the interviewer that you were separated from your position because of conflicting values or policies. Essentially, it's true.

Being let go for attendance happens because it goes against the company's attendance policies. Being terminated for no reason right before your benefits start indicates a difference in values. Find an articulate way to explain the termination without making you or the previous employer look bad, and you might impress the interviewer with your ability to improvise.

You don't need to be ashamed about a short-term job because all jobs offer life lessons and skills. The employer will most likely understand the situation and respect you for taking the time to discuss it. If not, they'll pass on a valuable employee, and you'll continue your search.