Tips for Coping With the Loss of a Long-Term Job

Jobs Flagger May 18, 2021

Losing a job that you had for a long time can be a devastating experience. You not only lose your income, but also you lose the friends you made and the comfortableness of your daily routine. These are some tips for dealing with the loss and finding your way to a new life:

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How to Get Your Boss to Keep Letting You Work From Home

Jobs Flagger April 21, 2021

Have you been working from home during the pandemic? If so, you might have gotten used to the extra freedoms that come from working in your own home. Many workplaces are starting to bring workers back into the office, but if you want to keep working from home, here are some ways to make that happen.

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How to Find out Your Rehire Status and What to Do if It's Bad

Jobs Flagger March 18, 2021

At some point, you may want to go back to a job that you quit, or an employer who terminated your position. Every employer is supposed to enter a rehire status into the system when they terminate someone. This rehire status lets former employees know where they stand and allows managers to make informed decisions in the future. Here is some information on finding out your rehire status at a previous job.

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