Career Advice

July 16, 2021

Easing Into a New Job After the Pandemic

The worst part of the pandemic is coming to a close. Therefore, people are slowly but surely returning to jobs. Some people have to go to new jobs, and others must readjust to their former jobs. The following information includes some helpful tips for easing back into work after such a devastating ordeal:

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June 21, 2021

How to Find Work With a Criminal History

Finding a job with a criminal history can be challenging. However, there are many opportunities out there. You may have to find employers who are willing to give people a second chance. These are some tips to use if you have something unfavorable in your background.

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May 18, 2021

Tips for Coping With the Loss of a Long-Term Job

Losing a job that you had for a long time can be a devastating experience. You not only lose your income, but also you lose the friends you made and the comfortableness of your daily routine. These are some tips for dealing with the loss and finding your way to a new life:

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April 21, 2021

How to Get Your Boss to Keep Letting You Work From Home

Have you been working from home during the pandemic? If so, you might have gotten used to the extra freedoms that come from working in your own home. Many workplaces are starting to bring workers back into the office, but if you want to keep working from home, here are some ways to make that happen.

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