Career Advice

18 March, 2022

Are You Great At Math? Here Are Some Career Options For You

Let's face it, not everyone is great at math. For those who are, there are some great career opportunities out there. Let's look at a few job options for people with math skills.

Math Teacher

If you understand the math you can help others understand math. Becoming a math teacher is a great way to share your knowledge. If you are not keen on being stuck in a room with kids all day, you could consider teaching adult education, math classes. These are classes that help adult learners nail down skills that maybe they were not able to master while they were in school.


Accounting is all about math, particularly money. Businesses are always in need of skilled accountants to keep their budgets balanced. Most accountants can start their careers with just an associate's degree.

Bank Staff

Any type of banking position will need skilled individuals who have math smarts. Within the banking industry, there are many different types of positions you can choose from. Becoming a bank teller is an entry-level position that still requires a good understanding of math. Bank tellers can work their way up to better career options as they learn more about the banking industry.


Engineers and engineering assistants need strong math skills. Engineers work in a variety of capacities helping all kinds of construction and fabrication companies. They put their skills to work to ensure that new construction or fabrication of products is mathematically sound.

Engineers are especially important in the building industry, aeronautics, car manufacturing, and many other industries.

This is just a small sample of the types of jobs you can pursue with your math skills. You can do additional research to find other jobs that may be a good fit as well.