Career Advice

18 March, 2021

How to Find out Your Rehire Status and What to Do if It's Bad

At some point, you may want to go back to a job that you quit, or an employer who terminated your position. Every employer is supposed to enter a rehire status into the system when they terminate someone. This rehire status lets former employees know where they stand and allows managers to make informed decisions in the future. Here is some information on finding out your rehire status at a previous job.

Talk to Your Immediate Supervisor

If it hasn't been long since your termination, you may be able to get hold of the supervisor who managed you directly. Contact the facility and ask that person if he or she has information about your rehire status. In most cases, your immediate supervisor will remember you and have the information on hand.

Speak to HR

The next thing you'll need to do is speak to the human resources department if you can't get any information from your immediate supervisor. The HR department is responsible for taking care of the final paperwork. They have access to all of your employee files, including records about the reason you were terminated from your position. This individual will have answers to your questions if your immediate supervisor does not.

Call the Corporate Headquarters

In some cases, you may have to find the number to the corporate headquarters to receive information about your rehire status. You may find that someone entered "non-rehireable" in the system. If that's the case, then you'll need to try to work the issue out with corporate headquarters. You may need to explain your situation and then ask them if they can re-evaluate your termination. You may be able to convince them to reverse their decision.

In some cases, a former employer may choose not to rehire anyone who has worked for them previously.