Career Advice

21 April, 2021

How to Get Your Boss to Keep Letting You Work From Home

Have you been working from home during the pandemic? If so, you might have gotten used to the extra freedoms that come from working in your own home. Many workplaces are starting to bring workers back into the office, but if you want to keep working from home, here are some ways to make that happen.


Let your boss know that you can be more productive working from home by over-performing your projects. Submit completed work early instead of on time. Do extra credit work that will help the company make more money.

Be Responsive

Don’t “disappear” while working from home. Show that you’re reliable and responsible by being responsive to emails and phone calls. This will prove that you aren’t off doing laundry when you’re supposed to be hard at work.

Highlight the Benefits

Consider drafting a memo to your boss highlighting all the benefits of your working from home. Ideas include:

  • More available space at the workplace
  • Not worrying about you getting in on time or leaving early
  • Less money spent on office supplies in the workplace
  • Less energy use in the workplace
  • Fewer sick days

Explain Your Family Commitments

Your boss is human, too. Let your boss know that you have extensive family commitments that are easier to fulfill when you’re working from home, like picking up kids after school, caring for an elderly parent and more. Explain that when you have to juggle family commitments along with commuting and being at work all day, it causes you a lot of extra stress that keeps you from focusing properly on your work.

Using these ideas, you should be able to easily convince your boss that you are both better off if you continue working from home.