Career Advice

17 February, 2022

How to Gracefully Let an Employer Know You're No Longer Interested

Sometimes, employment goals change. Therefore, you may apply for a job one day and change your mind by the time the prospective employer calls you back. It might happen because you discover something unfavorable about the position or simply lose interest. These are some of the rules of etiquette when that happens.

Return Their Call

It's not mandatory that you return the employer's call if they leave you a message. However, it is courteous for you to do so. You can take the time to contact them if they've taken the time to reach out to you about the position. They will appreciate that you didn't leave them hanging about the job they offered you.

Thank Them for the Opportunity

The first thing you must do is kindly thank them for extending a tentative offer to you or inviting you to an interview to discuss the position further. The person who called you will know that you realize how fortunate you were to get a call and that you value that.

Let Them Know You May Be Available in the Future

You may not want the job they have to offer right now, but perhaps you'll be interested in a future position. Now is the most beneficial time to let them know that you may be available to work for them on a later day. This part of the conversation should immediately follow the thank you part. It's an excellent way to maintain your relationship with the employer. You might just get a job in the future if you apply for one.

The goal is to try not to burn bridges in the employment world. You never know when you might desperately need a reference or assistance from someone for a future job endeavor. That's why you should always make an effort to be courteous and consider the employer's position in these matters.