Career Advice

20 August, 2020

What is Company Culture and Why You Should Care?

You have probably heard the term company culture before, but maybe you never really understood what that meant. You may also not be aware of why company culture can and should be important to you. Keep reading to find out what company culture is all about and how it can affect your job search.

What is Company Culture?

Company culture is a shared collection of ideals, values, behaviors, and beliefs which are shared at a specific company. Company culture is sometimes cultivated on purpose with a specific direction in mind, and sometimes it is simply a result of a collection of decisions that were made over time which shapes the culture. Either way, the company culture is an important aspect of the company and is often part of what fuels policies and actions.

Why Should You Care?

Now that you know a little more about what company culture is let's find out why you should care. You should care about company culture because company culture will often shape many of the policies at a company. For instance, company culture can dramatically shape the way a company handles its hiring process.

Beyond the hiring process, company culture can also greatly affect how promotions are handled within the company as well as things such as discipline. All of these things will affect your day to day work life once you become a part of a company.

Understanding a company's culture can help you to better appeal to a company during the hiring process. For instance, if you know that teamwork is a huge part of their company culture, then you may want to really highlight all of the instances in which you have successfully led teams. You could also highlight how you work well within a team, giving specific instances where your team mentality was an asset to your employer.

Company culture will shape every aspect of a company and therefore understanding a company's culture is crucial to your success there.