Career Advice

16 November, 2021

What It Takes to Be a 911 Operator?

Working as a 911 operator can be a glorious opportunity for you to help other people in need and serve the community gracefully. You can qualify to be a 911 operator if you take the following steps:

Boost Your Typing Skills

Working as a 911 operator will involve entering data into a computer system. Thus, it would be a good idea to improve your typing skills as much as possible. You can take a course in typing or partake in a variety of speed tests until you reach a speed of 50 words per minute.

Learn Phone Etiquette

The way you talk to people when you receive calls is one of the most important attributes you'll have to shape. You can seek specialized training or take a course in public speaking, crisis intervention, or something of that nature.

Take Relevant Training Courses

You may also want to get some certifications and training courses under your belt. Criminal justice degrees and Emergency Telecommuter Certification are also great achievements to seek on your way to such a job.

Clear Your Background Check

You will need to pass a background check to get hired as a 911 operator. You should do any work necessary to boost your profile and clear your record before you apply for the job. Check into expungement if you have something unfavorable on your record. You may be able to have it removed if enough time has passed, and you've been out of trouble for a significant time period. Make your record as clean as possible and be honest on our application so that you don't take yourself out of the running with dishonesty.

You should be highly eligible to grab a job as a 911 operator if you take the above-mentioned steps. You might find yourself with an amazing job you can enjoy for a lifetime.