Career Advice

16 September, 2021

Write a Resignation Letter That Makes Your Boss Want You to Stay

No one ever wants to write a resignation letter, but maybe you need to for some reason. Perhaps you just aren't making enough money for your job to be worthwhile. Maybe another employer offered you a fantastic deal that you simply can't refuse. You might need to spend more time with your family.

These are some tips for writing a stellar resignation letter that might make your boss think twice about you leaving. He or she may even ask you to stay after you do this:

Thank Them for the Opportunity

When you write your resignation letter, the first thing you should do is thank your employer for allowing you to work for them and learn new things. Every good resignation letter should include this information. It lets the employer know that you appreciate the time there and found something valuable in your employment.

State Your Reason for Leaving

The next thing you need to do is let your employer know why you're leaving. This is what might prompt the employer to have an exit interview with you to find out more. You can find a way to state the reason for your separation without being argumentative or bitter. Take some time to think of the best way to tell them to pique their interest in talking to you further.

Ask Them to Leave the Door Open

Finally, close out your letter with a request for them to keep the doors open for you in case you may want to return one day. These few words may also spark the employer to converse with you about your departure. Leave "sincerely" or "regards" as your salutation.

Now you know how to write a resignation letter that may compel your boss to give you another chance. Try this today and see if it makes wonderful things happen for you.